Product Description

About the system

Doctor Eleks is a solution that

  • ensures harmonious cooperation of clinic’s personnel
  • strengthens control over the process of treatment
  • allows quick search of the information required
  • enhances care quality
  • improves efficiency     



Benefits for Physician

  • Smart documents system
  • Integration with diagnostic equipment
  • Visual highlights of abnormal data
  • Wide range of document templates
  • Option of printing  patient’s examination summary in any language required


Benefits for Reception

  • Centralized data storage
  • Quick and handy system of schedule creation
  • Prompt reaction to patients’ phone calls
  • Patients service control
  • Quick reporting


Benefits for Manager

  • Treatment process optimization
  • Patients’ care quality improvement
  • Payment history monitoring
  • Handy and easy Internet access to schedule and documentation


To learn more about Doctor Eleks please download a product presentation.