System Architecture

Doctor Eleks key components allow you to work faster and more effectively, providing advanced capabilities and nearly unlimited scalability

The logical architecture of the solution consists of three levels:

  • The Database level;
  • The Communication Server level;
  • The Client Program level.


The Database is built using Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014. This platform has been certified by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, which allows implementing it for secure solutions development.

The communication Server is built on the basis of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology. WCF is a platform for the development of information sharing systems using .NET technology. WCF enables creating secure, reliable and transactional systems by means of simplified programming model of interaction between platforms.

Communication Server interacts with Client Applications and External Medical Devices via TCP/ IP protocol and provides integration with external systems (financial, hotel, laboratory etc) via application programming interface (API).

Doctor Eleks Client is built using Microsoft Windows Forms technology and .Net Framework 3.5. To ensure secure communication within network there have been used Windows Security Domain Infrastructure with Active Directory service. Full-featured client program runs on Microsoft Windows operating system; Doctor Eleks web client can be accessed via a preferred web-browser.

To ensure interaction of Database with Doctor Eleks mobile applications, there has been used the Integration Bus based upon WCF technology. Data exchange is performed via HTTP protocol in JSON format, which is considered to be the best solution for mobile platforms that are often limited in resources.