Vaccination booking module

As you know, immunization sessions should be conducted as scheduled in the vaccination calendar. However, the required medication may not be available on the ward. Doctor Eleks team has developed a module allowing patients to pre-order vaccines for that purpose.


This new feature enables receptionists and call center operators to automate the following process:

  • a patient books vaccination appointment as scheduled in the vaccination calendar
  • a receptionist or call center operator selects the required vaccine from the list of available medications and indicates the warehouse premises form which it should be taken
  • the system carries out an automatic check of the availability of a vaccine that will be up to date at the time of immunization
  • the form displays all available non-booked vaccines of the required type in all available warehouse premises, indicating the expiration date
  • the system automatically selects the appropriate vaccine according to the expiration date and a receptionist/operator can book it for a patient creating the appropriate invoice
  • if no vaccine is available, there will be displayed a corresponding  message

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