Secondary care reform

The Doctor Eleks team gathered secondary care representatives

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The transformation of secondary care is in its active phase, so the Doctor Eleks team gathered representatives of secondary care facilities in Lviv to discuss preparation for the work within the reform.  

Iryna Mykychak, Director of Healthcare Department of Lviv Regional State Administration, and Inna ShymkivBusiness Development and Communications Director at Doctor Eleks, addressed the participants of the event with the opening speeches.  

Iryna Mykychak spoke about the plans under the reform in Ukraine and Lviv region. Inna Shymkiv shared Doctor Eleks experience in informatization of cities and medical institutions.  

During the next part of the event, the participants were introduced to System functionality. Anastasia Redka, Business Development Manager, told the guests about the System modules, such as Electronic Health Record, Reception, Reports, Inpatient Treatment, Laboratory, as well as the functionality for the doctor and the nurse. After the office tour, Anastasia spoke about Doctor Eleks web-based solution, mobile application, and the functionality for providing online consultations. Every participant got familiar with the mobile application on their smartphones.   

Veronika DiakovychHead of Call-Center, demonstrated the complete workflow for submitting documents to undergo credentialing online.  

The event was closed by  Ksenia Demkiv, Manager for Healthcare System deployment in public institutions. Ksenia told the participants what is important to know beforehand to make the process of deploying the medical information system in institutions effective and successful.


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