Volodymyr Koziavkin

General Director of the International Rehabilitation Clinic Elita. Hero of Ukraine. Professor, Doctor of Medicine

«We collaborate with ELEKS Company since 1995 and had enough time to make sure that ELEKS is the reliable partner. The applications we use in our clinic help both physicians and patients. I am looking forward to our effective cooperation, because we permanently look for new solutions and ELEKS is one of the best companies  implementing them.»

Dmytro Chukanov

ІТ-director of Dobrobut medical network

«In my opinion Doctor Eleks is the most up to date and advanced system in domestic market. It should be noted, that the team members are highly skilled and professional as well as always ready to open a dialogue, whaich was extremely important in oour case, when the scale of the institution dictated a number of pressing problems that should have been solved promptly.»

Olena Moroz

Director of the Medical Center Intersono

«The medical informational system developed by ELEKS Ltd has facilitated the work of our clinic’s medical staff and has brought our services to a higher level of quality. So we look forward to continue our work with ELEKS in the future.»

Dmytro Kvit

Head Doctor of Lviv City Children’s Hospital

«After implementation of “Doctor Eleks” medical information system in our clinic, we gained an advantage over the daily time taking filing activities required for paper documents. Owing to automation of the document management as well as the introduction of EMR (electronic medical record), we provide healthcare services that allow us to compete with the leading health centers not only in Ukraine, but also beyond the borders of the country. We are looking forward to further development and close cooperation with ELEKS resulting in the improvement of healthcare quality.»

Tetyana Mikhnova

CEO of St. Paraskeva Medical Center

«I have an experience of several successful startups of medical enterprises. For the institution to be successful, all its business processes are to have efficient IT-support.
Among all the available medical information systems the largest number of business processes of our newly established institution were covered by “Doctor Eleks”. With the view of providing qualitative medical services, we improve our business. In these improvements “Doctor Eleks” is both the indicator and the tool of changes.

Taras Babych

The owner of a network of dental clinics “Parodent”, dentist highest category

«Our dental clinics are located in Ukraine, Canada and the United States; therefore, when choosing a software solution, one of the most important aspects for us was the unification of information storage and display. With Doctor Eleks all the employees of our international network always see relevant and consistent data.»

Sergiy Dgevaga

CEO of INGO Medical Center

«Taking into account the peculiarity of our company, the implementation of “Doctor Eleks” Medical System allows us not only to provide effective IT maintenance of all our business processes, but also connect two aspects of our practice – medicine and insurance. The system helps us to effectively organize our workflow and provide patients with world-class healthcare services.»