Patient’s EMR in the 4th Municipal City Polyclinic of Lviv

After the successful introduction of the system enabling bookin a doctor’s appointment online in the 4th Municipal City Polyclinic of Lviv, the mangement of the institution decided to move forward in the direction of health care reform. Their future plans include the introduction of an electronic document management system.


At the first stage there was introduced the electronic medical record in the maternity center of the clinic, which was implemented by Doctor Eleks team in association with public utility enterprise – Miskyy Centr IT . From now on, the doctors of the department have a complete electronic database of their patients.

The structure of records meets all the needs of the institution: a list of possible complaints, tests and diagnoses has been discussed and approved at the design stage. Therefore,  the necessary data can be easily found and inserted in a required document. The patients’ database has been filled up for several months. For now it includes all pregnant women registered in the department, as well as patients under dispensary observation.

In the nearest future this service will be also implemented in other departments of the clinic and in perspective spread over the whole city. These are not easy but necessary steps to high-quality medical services.

Image source: the official website of the Lviv City Council www.city-adm.lviv.ua

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