EMR in Doctor Eleks

Parts and benefits of Electronic Medical Record in the system

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Doctor Eleks continues the series of publications about system capabilities to give you a better insight into the system and remind you of certain system functions. Electronic Medical Recordis one of the main components of the Healthcare System Doctor Eleks.

It is easy to use, ensures instant access to information, and provides ample opportunities for analysis.  


What does it include? 

  • Patient registration data; 
  • Results of medical examinations; 
  • Anthropometric measurements; 
  • Laboratory tests; 
  • Graphical data (ultrasound, X-ray investigation results, etc.). 


Why is it handy? 

  • Templates allow doctors to spend minimum time on keeping the patients medical record; 
  • Quick information search in a large amount of data; 
  • Easy creation and editing of discharge recordscertificates, and epicrises; 
  • Formation of reports according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in a few clicks;  
  • Enables doctors to share examination and test results with patients electronically. 

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