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Parts of МІS Doctor Eleks help system

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The Doctor Eleks team cares about the comfort of userstherefore the family of our users amounts to more than 500 medical institutions. 

Doctor Eleks is launching a series of publications about system modulestheir parts, and benefitsto give you a better insight into the system and remind you of certain system capabilities. 

The Doctor Eleks help system consists of14 blockseach containing instructions for certain functionality, namely: 

  1. Administrator; 
  2. Physician; 
  3. Reception; 
  4. Order entry; 
  5. Laboratory; 
  6. Task manager; 
  7. Inpatient facility; 
  8. Finance; 
  9. Templates; 
  10. Waiting room; 
  11. Warehouse; 
  12. Surgery; 
  13. Video tutorials; 
  14. Information security. 


Why is it handy? 

  • Clear step-by-step instructions; 
  • Instant access; 
  • Instructions are sorted by corresponding blocks and questions. 

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