Product Description


Doctor Eleks Laboratory Information System can be used either as a part of Doctor Eleks Medical Information System, or as an independent software product customized according to the needs of a specific medical institution.

The system can be used in a variety of diagnostic laboratories from regional outpatient clinics to large centralized laboratory centers with remote work-places at specimen collection stations. The use of HL7 international standard for medical data transfer allows information exchange with other laboratories and laboratory networks of Ukraine and Europe.

Doctor Eleks Laboratory System is designed to automate all steps of medical laboratory diagnostics: from data collection and processing to test results analysis and business process management. LIS data standardization makes it possible to track the whole life-cycle of each laboratory test: order entry, specimen collection, marking and delivery to laboratories, results processing, data integration into patient’s electronic medical record, data storage and archiving. If needed, these data can be used for analyzing the efficiency of clinic’s operation or resolving possible disputes.

An important characteristic of this system is its ability to download the data received from a wide spectrum of equipment used in clinical, biochemical, immunological and bacteriological laboratories directly into the patient’s electronic medical record. Moreover, the system is designed to generate automatic notifications to attending physicians when test results considerably deviate from norm, in order to ensure their timely response to emergency situations.

LIS implementation is a considerable step forward in developing national laboratory diagnostics. The automated laboratory information system can significantly improve the quality of medical services offered by your clinic while cutting its overhead expenses.

It can provide the following benefits:

  • speed up receiving test results;
  • decrease the number of medical mistakes and minimize the risk of data loss by reducing the human factor impact;
  • ensure compliance with European standards of laboratory diagnostics;
  • reduce the number of routine operations required to order, receive and store laboratory data;
  • provide customized settings for each institution and/or individual specialist;
  • create comfortable working conditions for personnel;
  • offer better customer service.

Unique patient and lab test identification combined with restricted access to electronic database allows performing anonymous testing and ensures safe storage and confidentiality of medical information, in full compliance with European standards.

Take advantage of LIS “Doctor Eleks” functionality to raise the image and enhance the competitiveness of your clinic!