Product Description

Electronic Medical Record

Fast access to information, convenience, and well-thought-out work process increase personnel’s efficiency, improve the quality of healthcare services, and enhance overall security and confidentiality of medical data management.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)  is the main component of Doctor Eleks Medical Information System. EMR contains all relevant patient information: demographic data, medical examinations results, anthropometric measurements, laboratory test results, and various graphic images (US, X-ray, etc.).


It is no longer necessary to waste time on data entry using keyboard. The system employs a unique tree-view technology, which allows creating examination reports using a standard set of professional terms and phrases. A doctor or a nurse just needs to select necessary words and phrases from drop-down lists of terms included in examination templates. For user convenience, templates also contain default responses, interactive hints, and color marking. Accuracy and completeness of data input are verified automatically when creating a medical document.

Use of templates to input data into EMR, together with well-structured information storage, provides broad opportunities for data analysis and facilitates information exchange between medical institutions. A convenient and user-friendly data search engine helps easily locate information in a huge amount of medical documentation. Moreover, Statistics subsystem ensures quick and easy preparation of all necessary reports in compliance with the requirements set by the Ministry of Health and other control bodies.

The system allows creating, editing, and printing various physicians’ notes, orders, and epicrises, while saving copies of these documents in patients’ EMRs. Any of these documents can be exported and handed over to a patient on a portable data carrier in a user-friendly format compatible with any PC.

If necessary, medical personnel can get access to patients’ medical records not only from local network PCs, but also from their home PCs using remote access.  Since all medical information is highly confidential, access rights to personal medical records or their sections are strictly regulated. In addition, the system maintains logs with all document manipulations, such as editing, deleting, and printing.