Product Description

Document Template Editor

Using Document Templates a physician keeps recommended sequence of examination and quickly fills all the needed data in the Electronic Medical Record without mistakes and misprints.

All the documents in the application are based on Tree View Templates. Using this technology a physician can promptly and easily insert all the data into the application with minimum effort. The handy editor provides simplicity of work. It also ensures that all requirements to document content and layout are met.

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Document Template Editor allows to correct existing documents and to create new templates for physician examination, laboratory research and any other documents usually used in clinic.

Templates allow to:

  • Easily change content and layout of the document depending on clinic and physician requirements;
  • Auto-fill document fields by selecting appropriate value or text from pre-defined and adjustable list of possible answers;
  • Fill in all the important data during the physician examination (empty field of the document will be colored);
  • Specify standards for laboratory measurements.